The automotive power supply for the Raspberry Pi with RTC

BerryDrive allows the Pi to start, run and shut down properly without human input

Available in kit or fully built and tested

Ready programmed with UPS and safe shut down software.


  • 12-30V input.
  • 5V, 1A output.
  • Automates startup and shutdown of the Raspberry Pi
  • Designed to connect the Raspberry Pi to vehicle power.
  • Connects directly to the Raspberry Pi GPIO.
  • The BerryDrive sends a shut down signal to the Raspberry Pi when the external power is disconnected.
  • The BerryDrive disconnects the Power to the Raspberry PI after a 30s delay.
  • Comes programmed with a basic UPS program loaded.
  • Programmable 10 bit 4 channel a-d connects to the pi via the GPIO serial connection (RS323).
  • On board PIC 16F1704 microcontroller programmable using the Microchip serial programming interface.
  • The Berrydrive has a real time hardware clock(RTC) this keeps the time correct on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Uses 9V, PP3 NiMh battery for backup power (not supplied but readily available).
  • The Berrydrive bolts directly onto the A+, B+ and Zero Raspberry Pis using 12mm standoffs
  • Fits on the original A and B Pis.
  • Available as a kit or fully built.
  • Uses 100% through hole components for easy assembly, adaptability and board assembly training.
  • Uses an efficient ~90% switchmode dc-dc converter.

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More software with RS232 serial and Analogue to Digital methods coming soon see below.

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